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  • Julie Merritt Lee


Recently while driving, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small cobweb in my car. In my car!!! What? How did that get there, I thought. Well, let's just be honest. I'm not the most diligent when it comes to cleaning inside my car. But, I've never had a cobweb in it. It got me thinking...Cobwebs set up when nothing stirs or disrupts a particular space for some time. Out of inactivity or disuse, dust and cobwebs settle in.

In my own spiritual life, I've noticed that a similar principle operates--when I avoid certain areas of my life, stagnation occurs. Cobwebs set up. My outer life suffers (my experiences, relationships, parenting, mood, etc) because I haven't been paying attention to my inner life. There's certainly been no "cleaning" or practicing spiritual disciplines. I wish in our inner lives, we could visibly see the cobwebs start settling in. At least they would be a sign of what needs our attention: the spaces and places that long have been in disrepair due to inactivity or avoidance.

So this week, I'm vowing to, at the very least, pay attention to what's stagnating inside me. I'm on a hunt for the cobwebs. They shouldn't be that hard to find! And if it's like the one in my car, it's staring me in the face.

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