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What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is the art of helping others deepen in their relationship with God.  

The spiritual director does this through holy listening--creating space for another’s soul to be heard through the sharing of his/her own story, prayer, silence, and ultimately by way of the Spirit who is the true Director.


How do I see my role as spiritual director?

As spiritual director, I see my role as providing healing presence.  People need safe spaces, the presence of another listening soul, to open and share what is stirring within them. It is my joy to help people through this journey of spiritual transformation using holy listening, reflection, and various spiritual practices.


Who are the best candidates for spiritual direction?

The best candidates for spiritual direction are those who have a sense that they were created for something more than what they are experiencing.  They desire a deeper connection with God and those around them. Perhaps things have felt “off,” and they are trying to sift through the reasons for this.  Also, many people who come for direction are seeking discernment in their vocation or another situation.


How is spiritual direction different than therapy?

“The word therapy comes from the Greek word, therapia meaning “to nurse.” By definition a nurse offers the necessary care to restore an ill person to health.  Psychological therapy focuses on psychological illnesses or problems that keep someone from living as a healthy human being.  Rather than focusing on problem solving, spiritual direction offers ongoing support for someone wishing to deepen their relationship with God through prayer and other spiritual practices.  While therapeutic and transformative, the intent of spiritual direction is to develop a heightened awareness of God’s presence.” ~ Diana McKendree

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