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  • Julie Merritt Lee

Always we begin again.

This great line is from the Rule of St. Benedict. And never has it rung so true. Here I am beginning again--starting a website and a blog. I never thought I would do this but I'm hearing those great words from our sacred text "Behold I'm creating all things new." I suppose that even includes me!

More importantly, this is a great line to meditate on, recognizing that each day is new--cultivating what some call "Beginner's mind." How can we see each person, thing, creation as new? How can we have fresh eyes? My children see in a different way: each day they wake up ready to take on the day--seeing it as new, not even connected to the days of the week. It's just a day full of opportunity, blessedness, and fun!

Join me in praying this prayer and seeing the world through new eyes.

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